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Myanmar (Burma) is a beautiful country of creative people who reflect the nation's physical and cultural beauty in their finely wrought arts and crafts.


The most famous handicraft in Myanmar and can be seen in Bagan.

Gold Leaf beating

Traditional handicraft by unique way and widely used for offering to the pagoda. Around in Mandalay city, there are some workshops of Gold leaf beating.

Bronze casting

Bronze Casting can be studied at a place called Tampawadi between Mandalay and Amarapura.Items are religious images, bells, musical instruments and various household items, such as spice pounders, noodle-cutter, loom pulleys etc. most is done by the lost-wax method.

Tapestries or ShweGyiHtoe

Myanmar Tapestries are velvet wall hangings embroidered with gold thread. The greatest variety of tapestries can be found in Mandalay.

Silk weaving

Myanmar proudly wear hand-woven silk materials at auspicious occasions. Our Myanmar silk is real hand made. The origin of silk fabric in Myanmar areMandalay and Inle.

Lotus Fibre weaving

Discovering lotus weaving shop during your travel in Lake Inle. You have an opportunity to buy lotus fibre shawls and robes.

Stone carving

Stone carving is a source of great pride and honor for the people of Myanmar. Workshops can be found throughout the country, but the highest concentration is to be found in Mandalay, where the area nearMahamuniPaya is a hub of stone-carving activity.


Pottery has a long traditional in Myanmar. You can see the pottery workshop in Tawante, near of Yangon.


Silk umbrellas with a wood and bamboo frame are made at Pathein while red and brown ones are made in Shan State. Large garden umbrellas are made in both places.

Shan Papers

Pindaya is one of the key place for local style umbrellas and Shan Paper.


The small dolls “Yoke Thay” theatre can accessible at some local restaurant in Bagan and Mandalay at night time.

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